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National Students Rights Conference

Fall Symposium

We are excited to  present a full day of learning and social engagement across the US.  

Participants will include Legal Scholars:

  • Catherine J. Ross, professor at George Washington University Law School, where she specializes in constitutional law (with particular emphasis on the First Amendment).  She is the author of Lessons in Censorship: How Schools and Courts Subvert Students’ First Amendment Rights (Harvard University Press, 2015)
  • Steven M. Brown, Executive Director of the JFTF,
  • David Hudson,
  • Daniel Weddle

Student Case Representatives

  • John Tinker (Tinker v Des Moines)
  • Mary Beth Tinker (Tinker v Des Moines)
  • Matt Fraser (Bethel v Fraser)
  • Cathy Kuhlmeier (Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier)
  • Douglas Mertz (Morse v Frederick)

We will present two separate, formal/academic lectures, followed by a moderated conversation during which Audience Members have ask questions or make comments.

After a lunch break, we will present 5 breakout conversations.  Audience Members will have the opportunity to register for 1 breakout session, which shall be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Also, check out our Essay Contest open to all participating Middle and High School Students.